Brazos River Floodgates Project

The Brazos floodgates are located where the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway crosses the Brazos River near Freeport, Texas. They keep the flows on the Brazos from depositing silt in Freeport Harbor. The floodgates were constructed in the 1940s, are severely outdated, frequently damaged, and too small for modern boats and barges. They require frequent hazard mitigation measures which cause delays, increased emissions, and higher costs for shippers. Vessels bringing in 30 million tons of cargo, valued at $117 billion, pass through the floodgates each year.

This project desperately needs full capability funding ($260 million) in FY24. No other project in the nation has the capability to use the excess revenues in the Inland Waterways Trust Fund ("IWTF") in FY24. If the Brazos is not funded in FY24, it could be another decade before funding is available for this project.

A related project to replace the Colorado River crossing will be built after the Brazos is completed.