Keeping members informed with timely port information and trending statistics is mission-critical to the Port Bureau. Because of our operations as the Marine Exchange of the Texas, which is a member of MISNA, the Port Bureau has a repository of vessel movement and other essential information for Texas deepdraft ports that spans more than a decade.

Our staff can equip you with data to help educate clients on the efficiency of our busy waterway, furnish insights for making new business decisions, and support you when you need to present pertinent facts to public officials and legislators.

Included in the Port Bureau membership benefits portfolio is our monthly vessel arrival statistical report that provides data by port, terminal, and order agency. Premium daily, weekly, and custom vessel movement reports for Texas deepdraft ports, including real-time data for the port of Houston, are also available to Port Bureau members. To read more about our information services, select Vessel Movement Data from the Information menu.

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