PilotTracker and Synchronizer by PortXchange

The next generation platform for real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information

PortXchange PilotTracker and Harborlights

For more than 15 years, Harborlights has been an essential tool for operations on the Houston Ship Channel. Now, with the Port Bureau's partnership with PortXchange, we're launching PilotTracker, the next generation platform for real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information.

Current Harborlights subscribers will receive free trial access to PilotTracker from November 26 through December 31.

Harborlights will be retired after January 24, 2022, and will be fully replaced by PilotTracker. Subscriptions to PilotTracker are available to Port Bureau members only, starting at $5,000/year for annual subscriptions.

PilotTracker: Real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information

Download the PilotTracker fact sheet.

To learn more contact the Port Bureau at: marineexchange@txgulf.org or call: (713) 678-4300.


Synchronizer (formerly known as Pronto), developed by PortXchange, is an application currently in use at the Port of Rotterdam that shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers can use to to optimally plan, executive and monitor all activities during a port call on stadardized data exchange. A pilot of this application was recently completed Houston port region. More details will be available soon.

To get better acquainted with the "why, what and how" of port call optimization based on the experience of three ports, tune in to the on-demand webinar, Pave Your Way for Port Call Optimization: A Port Authority's Journey.