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T & T Marine Salvage, Inc.

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Organization Overview

T&T Salvage, a Teichman Group company, is a "one call" source to meet any challenge, anywhere, anytime. Pre-positioned throughout the United States, its territories, Singapore, Rotterdam, and South America, the Teichman Group of companies own and maintain a comprehensive inventory of state-of-the-art fast response firefighting systems, inert gas generators, nitrogen generators, high capacity dewatering pumps, ship-to-ship (STS) lightering systems, anti-pollution systems, three-dimensional sonar, ROVs, and diving systems. The equipment is packaged so it can be rapidly transported by air, land or sea. The specialized portable assets are complemented by floating heavy lift and salvage support vessels ready to meet both routine and emergency response challenges.

Services Provided:
• Blue Water Salvage Response
• Rapid Response Deployment
• Pumping, Emergency Lightering & Ship-to-Ship Transfers
• Firefighting Response
• Hazmat & Pollution Response
• Diving & Subsea Services
• Brown Water Salvage Response
• Wreck Removal
• Engineering Services
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Business Category
Emergency Response