USACE Galveston to Host Winter Stakeholder Partnering Forum & District Project Portfolio Review

Member Updates,


District Project Portfolio Review and Stakeholder Partnership Forum

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

February 23 – 24, 2022

Virtual event

On behalf of Commander, Colonel Timothy Vail and Deputy District Engineer, Byron Williams, I am writing to ask you to “Save-the-date” for the Winter 2022 Stakeholder Partnering Forum ("SPF") and District Project Portfolio Review event with the Galveston District Army Corps of Engineers.

We host these joint events twice a year to foster renewal of our partnerships with all of you, without whom, we could not deliver continued value to our nation and the communities along the coast of Texas.  These events are a celebration of our continued partnership and commitment to work with you, hand-in-hand, and with the people of Texas to continually provide coastal resiliency.  In that vein, our theme for this year’s Forum is:

Environmental and Social Justice: Integral to Comprehensive Coastal Resiliency

Our goal is to celebrate, highlight, and renew our commitment to addressing water resources needs as an opportunity to provide environmental and social justice to the communities of coastal Texas.

The event will kick off on Feb. 23 with the District Project Portfolio Review. This half-day event will be an opportunity for you to hear from USACE staff on all of the projects in which the Galveston District is involved. You will hear updates directly from those who are working on your favorite projects. We will be highlighting the non-federal sponsors on each project and how their involvement allows us to be involved and provide water resources solutions to communities.

Thursday, Feb. 24, will be the daylong, Stakeholder Partnership Forum, with speakers and panel discussions on this year’s theme. The speakers will include elected and appointed federal government officials, industry partners from the port systems, scholars from academic professions, representatives from local governments, and many more!  The day should be jam packed with great conversation on how environmental and social justice work in concert with resiliency efforts along the Texas coast.

This year’s event will be hosted virtually, which will allow maximum participation.

"Save the Date" letter provided courtesy of Sarah Kelly Delavan, Ph.D., PE, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.