Hafnia and Símbolo Add Four New Partners To Foundational AI Company Complexio

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Hafnia and Símbolo have added four more shipping partners to their Foundational AI joint venture, further driving Hafnia’s commitment to innovation in the industry.

Shipping companies Marfin Management, C Transport Maritime, Trans Sea Transport and BW Epic Kosan have all begun the process of ingesting and mapping their data with Complexio.

Having started this process in 2023, Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov says opening up the initiative with other partners in shipping is the next step in propelling the industry into an AI-first world.

“Ninety percent of global workforces spend 60 percent of their time on recurring tasks. In an AI-first world,” says Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov, “We can greatly reduce this by automating the processing of routine tasks, like assembling a ship’s clearance package and simultaneously provide our leadership teams with enhanced macro views of business operations, enabling them to identify areas to improve upon.”

Complexio CEO Matthew Talbot further expands that Foundational AI works by comprehensively analyzing company data to identify and understand business activities through its complex web of human interactions.

“We have already identified over 107 million relationships across Hafnia data we have ingested in the last 24 months,” Matthew says. “Mapping these relationship patterns is critical for companies to automate tasks and alternatively identify and escalate any potential issues quickly to humans,” he says.

Complexio has already identified over 107 million relationships in the whole company data that has been ingested and mapped for Hafnia. Each circle in this image represents an email, document or task that has taken to produce business activity.

Complexio was recently rebranded from Quintessential AI.