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Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.

Organization Overview

Since its inception in 1935, Buffalo Marine has grown into the nation's most prestigious barge/bunker company, with a fleet of over 60 vessels. Buffalo Marine is in possession of one of the newest and most environmentally-friendly fleets available today.

Services Provided:

• Bunkering Service
- Pumping rates up to 600 MT per hour
- Sixty-foot bunker booms with ample hose
- Every barge has 400 feet of oil spill boom
- DDEC Tug horsepower to assure on-time arrivals

• State-of-the-art coriolis meters (mass flow) to ensure volume accuracy

• Line Haul Services
- Double-skinned Barges
- 8,000 - 30,000 Barrel Capacity
- 500-600 Metric Ton/Hour Pumping Rates
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