Project 11

In support of Project 11, a unique partnership involving the Port of Houston Authority ("PHA") and members of the Greater Houston Port Bureau seeks to expedite the expansion of the Houston Ship Channel ("HSC").

A competitive waterway is essential not only to maintaining current employment levels but creating the new jobs necessary for economic growth to continue in the wake of the global pandemic. More than 200 private companies have operations on the channel, representing 20 percent of Texas’ GDP, and HSC supports more than 3 million jobs nationwide. The expansion would also generate additional tax revenue to support schools, as well as other public entities and infrastructure.

Project 11 (the 11th major expansion of the HSC), will widen the channel from 530 feet to 700 feet using a local funding plan that is the first of its kind. Congress approved the widening and deepening of the channel in December of 2020 as part of the Water Resources Development Act of 2020. The collaboration of public and private entities is seeking to expedite the process and complete the expansion within 5 years, allowing the port of Houston to preserve and even grow its market share.

Why we need to expand the Houston Ship Channel


A Strategic Waterway and Economic Powerhouse - White Paper

Houston Ship Channel Expansion-Project 11: Expediting the expansion of one of the world's most strategic waterways economomic powerhouses - Brochure

Houston’s Ship Channel: Expanding the MOST Important Transportation Artery in the WORLD. Presented by Vincent DiCosimo, Senior Vice President,  Petroleum Logistics, of Targa Resources, March 11, 2021.