Photo of Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.

Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.

Organization Overview

Since its inception in 1935, Buffalo Marine has grown into the nation's most prestigious barge/bunker company, with a fleet of over 60 vessels. Buffalo Marine is in possession of one of the newest and most environmentally-friendly fleets available today.

Services Provided:

• Bunkering Service
- Pumping rates up to 600 MT per hour
- Sixty-foot bunker booms with ample hose
- Every barge has 400 feet of oil spill boom
- DDEC Tug horsepower to assure on-time arrivals

• State-of-the-art coriolis meters (mass flow) to ensure volume accuracy

• Line Haul Services
- Double-skinned Barges
- 8,000 - 30,000 Barrel Capacity
- 500-600 Metric Ton/Hour Pumping Rates
Tom Marian
Tom Marian General Counsel
Courtney Brandon Human Resource Manager
David Chandler Operations Manager
Makenzie Leake Executive Assistant
Patrick Little HSE Manager (DPA)
Patrick Studdert CEO
Tara Battle
Wade Greer Operations
Warner Welch Fleet Manager (ADPA)
Port Bureau Logo Executive Partner

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