Organization Overview

ITC Deer Park has five ship docks and ten barge docks. The storage capacity is 11.8 million barrels in 225 tanks ranging in size from 12,000 to 160,000 barrels available for storage. ITC Pasadena has three ship docks and three barge docks as well as pipeline connections to Colonial and Explorer. The storage capacity is 6.8 million barrels in 62 tanks ranging in size from 12,000 to 165,000 barrels.

• In-Storage Product Blending
• Vapor Control Systems
• Fully Refrigerated Straight Wall Tanks
• Semi-Fully Refrigerated Systems
• Product Heating and Circulation
• Rail Car Storage
• Vessel/Barge Layberth Accommodations
• Nitrogen and Steam Systems
• Blending Capabilities
Brent Weber President & CEO
Bernt Netland
Bernt Netland
Bob Pennacchi Chief Operating Officer
Bryan Wilson Logistics and Customer Care Manager
Carlos Medina
Chad Taylor
Corey Sledge
Damon Wright
David Wascome Senior Vice President
Deric Simmons
Harold Thomas
Jason Antu Customer Service Manager
Jesman Devia
Jessica Janish Accounting Manager
Jim Goolsby
John Everett Sales and Customer Service Manager
John Ferguson
Josh Ryan Vice President Marketing
Karen Bradley Billing Coordinator
Karl Kuhn Vice President Operations
Kevin Oditt
Kevin Oditt Chief Compliance Officer
Krista Rodriguez Senior Contract Administrator
Landon Matthieu Contract Administrator
Lee Garcia
Lindsay Knight Chief Financial Officer
Maurice Wesley Director, Finance & Strategy
Michael Bargar
Mike Gaudet
Osamu Takao Manager of Financial Analysis and Business Development
Richard Howes Sr. Operations Manager
Robby Surguy
Sam Takao
Shanon Coty
Tyler Howlett
Yasuhito Oiwa
Port Bureau Logo Executive Partner

Business Category
Terminals - Liquid Bulk