2024 Letter from Incoming Chairman

Posted By: Vincent DiCosimo Port Bureau News,

A belated Happy New Year to all.   I am honored to begin the year as your new chairman for the Greater Houston Port Bureau ("GHPB"). As I have set forth in my discussions  and speeches in the last year; it is my hope and desire to someday look back on a life and know that I have in a small way made a difference for generations to come.  I can think of no better place to do this than in the Houston Port region.  In the now 103 years since the Houston Plan established the Harris Country Ship Channel Navigation District, i.e. Port Houston, the GHPB has been along almost continuously.

Let’s examine some numbers:

  • 95:  Number of years of the existence of the Greater Houston Port Bureau
  • 200+: the number of companies that are represented by the GHPB and advocated for across the region, state and in Washington D.C.
  • 36: The number of board members representing a tremendous cross section of the business on the water and around the Houston Ship Channel region.
  • 95: Number of Annual Maritime Dinner Galas the Greater Houston Port Bureau will have had after this year’s on August 24th.
  • 6: The number of companies that have already supported the Maritime Dinner with Queen of the Fleet sponsorships.
  • 16: the number of Annual Captain’s Cup Golf Tournament held after this year’s in November.
  • 11: the number of projects conducted on the Houston Ship Channel including Project 11. Averaging one major about every 10 years.
  • 1,312.01: The LOA in feet of the largest container ship sailing the seas that was launched last year. So projects like Project 11 and soon to be Project 12 require more Houston Plan commitments to maintain our success and ensure the future.
  • 5:  # of Key Components of our GHPB 2022 Strategic Plan.
    1. Advocacy for the Houston Ship Channel and the memberships
    2. Engagement in our communities and networking through GHPB events
    3. Enhanced membership experience through examples like our Port 101 and 201 classes and Port Xhange
    4. Ensure the future of the GHPB through additional funding mechanisms beyond membership dues
    5. Work with our partners at the USCG, USACE, cities of Harris and Brazoria County,  ports of Texas City, Galveston and Houston on flood control and federal funding for the O&M on the channel and Project 12 and beyond.
  • 1: Ranking for the Houston Ship Channel in almost everything- Tonnage, Ship movement and let’s not forget barge movements too.
  • 1: YOU- without you and your companies’ participating in the Greater Houston Port Bureau, none of the above will continue.

This year, our new President, Eric Carrero, and the board will begin working a refreshed strategic plan for 2024 and beyond.  The “Times they are a-Changin” said Bob Dylan, and we must be proactive, adapt and advocate for our causes in a united front.  This election year promises many surprises.   As we look at all forms of energy, all forms of transportation, and all types of labor forces from part time, remote to union, we must be ready with various scenarios to move the GHPB forward.  Again, you are #1. We seek your input and look forward to having you give us your vision of the future. 

As has been said lately, these are incredibly tumultuous time with unbelievable opportunities.  It is easy to seek the negative and believe in the worst of outcomes and people. We must work together as the Greater Houston Port Bureaus has for 95 years and advocate for the future of our next generation.

To paraphrase Geo. Bernard Shaw: “Some men see things as they are and ask 'why'? Dream things that never were and ask, 'why not?'”.

Let us work together to seek that dream and to work to achieve the unimaginable for the future generations.

I thank you and look forward to serving you as your chairman. 


Vincent DiCosimo

2024 Chairman
VP, Governmental Affairs
Targa Resources