Ambipar Group Completes Acquisition of Witt O’Brien’s

Member Updates,

Witt O’Brien’s is now part of Ambipar Group, a global leader in integrated environmental and emergency management solutions. Ambipar completed its acquisition of the company last October by its Ambipar Response division.

Ambipar Response is a leading provider of environmental, emergency response services in all modes and industries. Its international client base includes the logistics, chemical, oil and gas, mining, and industrial sectors, among others. It serves clients through 217 locations in 16 countries.

Witt O’Brien’s builds community and business resilience to man-made and natural disruptions. It provides strategic consulting and implementation solutions that ensure the continuity and stability with the quality of its clients’ critical operations. Its large and growing customer base includes U.S. federal, state, and local governments, as well as corporate clients worldwide.

“This acquisition is transformational for Ambipar Response,” said Guilherme Borlenghi, Ambipar Response’s CEO. “The addition of Witt O’Brien’s to our portfolio strengthens our leading position with over 11,000 clients across six continents. As governments and businesses struggle to manage a growing range of increasingly expensive disruptions, we are well positioned to expand in this growing global market.”

“We are thrilled” added Tim Whipple, Witt O’Brien’s CEO. “Like Witt O’Brien’s, Ambipar is a mission-driven organization, helping companies and communities become more resilient and sustainable. Our cultures, client solutions, and business models are highly complementary. Through this combination, we will be able to broaden the support we can offer for our clients’ mission-critical operations.”

Witt O’Brien’s has continued to operate with no changes to its client service teams or contractual arrangements, thus ensuring a smooth transition for its customers as well as the execution of a planned integration process.