Bayport Terminal Draft Restriction Notification

Posted By: Captain Robert Thompson Member Updates,

Notification Provided Courtesy of Houston Pilots

There is a draft restriction of 43’-06” FW for vessels transiting to and from Bayport due to shoaling in the Bayport Ship channel. The dredge Ingenuity is currently working in the Bayport Ship Channel, with work forecasted to be complete on the channel and Bayport docks by the end of February/early March 2022. 

Due to shoaling at Bayport Container Docks 2-5, the maximum draft allowed at these docks is 42’-06” FW. For other vessel traffic transiting to LBC, the maximum draft remains 43’-06” FW (due to shoaling in the channel). We understand that vessels may already be enroute to Bayport Container Terminal Docks with drafts greater than 42’-06”FW at this time, and the Houston Pilots will try to accommodate these vessels, with potential transits during a favorable tide. As is typical for this time of year, strong northerlies may further reduce the maximum draft temporarily when the tide gauge falls below +0’ MLLW.

Houston Pilots is also working with the Port of Houston Authority on possibly utilizing different berths at the container terminal.

For questions, contact the Houston Pilots at 281-476-8204 or