Houston Pilots Elect Captain Clint Winegar as Presiding Officer

Port Bureau News,

The Houston Pilots announced their election of officers for the 2023 Executive Committee at the end of last year, with Captain Clint Winegar serving in the position of presiding officer. Captain Winegar is a graduate of Texas A&M at Galveston with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation. Previously he held the position of second officer of the Houston Pilots (2014-2015 and 2022). In addition, he serves as vice president of the American Pilots Association representing the Gulf states of Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Captain Winegar succeeds Captain Robert Thompson in the position. Captain Thompson has served three terms as presiding officer. Highlights of his pilot career include acting as presiding officer during preparations for and response to Hurricane Ike, working with key senior industry and government representatives to establish the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee, and piloting the tow transporting one of the space shuttles up the Houston Ship Channel to its final destination at the Johnson Space Center.

Completing the 2023 Houston Pilots Executive Committee are Captain Matthew H. Glass serving as second officer and Captain Stephen Jewell serving as boatkeeper. While being a skilled ship pilot is the primary role of a Houston Pilot, pilots serve in leadership roles as part of the Executive Committee as well as participating in committees to help manage their business and ensure they have the highest safety standards.

The Houston Pilots provide pilotage services to vessels entering or departing the port of Houston, 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.