Shell Fleet Solutions to Drive Fleet Decarbonization with New Accelerate to Zero Program

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Image by Mike's Photography from Pixaby.

Shell Fleet Solutions has formally launched its Accelerate to Zero program, to support fleets in meeting their sustainability targets. It brings together a mix of solutions Shell has developed to drive decarbonization and integrates likeminded partners to tackle one of the greatest challenges that fleets face in this decade.

The four-step Accelerate to Zero program is tailored to Shell’s customers and helps fleet and mobility managers to determine and understand their current carbon footprint, evaluate their options for decarbonizing and build a roadmap for reducing their on-road emissions to zero and finally, to net-zero.

Through the program, Shell will support fleets with the shift towards decarbonization as they face the challenges of balancing costs, lowering total cost of ownership and exploring new mobility solutions. Data integration is key to the program, helping companies to move away from using multiple disparate channels to track fleet information, towards a single, holistic view of their operations, highlighting key areas for improvement.

Giorgio Delpiano, senior vice president Fleet Solutions and E-Mobility at Shell said: “Decarbonization is the biggest priority for fleets worldwide and Shell is committed to help businesses to lower their carbon emissions. As one of the largest players in business mobility, we are introducing this program to help our customers to build a clear pathway to net-zero emissions for their fleets. When we support our customers to become more efficient and more sustainable, we make them more successful. And this is why Accelerate to Zero is a fantastic program for our customers and prospects.”

Shell Fleet Solutions experts work through four key phases of the Accelerate to Zero program:

  • Diagnose – Partnering with customers to integrate and analyze their fleet data to establish clear decarbonization goals.
  • Build – Providing expert guidance on vehicle and supply chain optimization to create a robust plan tailored to the needs of our customer’s business.
  • Deploy – Delivering solutions that are fit for purpose leveraging Shell unique capabilities in telematics, electric mobility, carbon offset, mobile fueling across 50 markets worldwide.
  • Realize – Monitoring and tracking results to reach zero and later net-zero emissions as planned.

 Shell Fleet Solutions is one of the global leaders in business mobility. We collaborate with businesses that have a fleet of commercial passenger cars, light- and medium-duty vehicles. The Accelerate to Zero program is available to Shell fleet customers in key markets in Europe and will be rolled out in 2023 across the globe. Find out more about the program and discover how Shell Fleet Solutions is helping fleets around the world to adapt to the mobility sector’s shift towards decarbonization: