Pulido Transport Approved as Responsible Care Partner by American Chemistry Council

Member Updates,

Pulido Transport, a leading provider of bulk liquid transportation services based in Houston, has announced the company has been approved as a Responsible Care Partner by the American Chemistry Council (“ACC”). Pulido Transport was one of three companies added as a Responsible Care Partner by the ACC. The organization’s Responsible Care Partner program extends the Responsible Care ethic of safety and sustainability to organizations in the chemical supply chain, including logistics, transportation and distribution.

“ACC is excited to welcome these new member companies and partners,” said ACC president and CEO, Chris Jahn. “They join a large group of strong and committed organizations that are dedicated to advancing our industry’s policies and innovating solutions to some of our world’s greatest challenges.”

Established in 1995, Pulido Transport is an asset-based bulk liquid transporter of lubricants, general chemicals, and waxes to the lower 48 states, with terminals in Houston and Beaumont. As an asset-based carrier, Pulido Transport always uses its own equipment to ensure the safety and service of every load.