Seize the Day

Posted By: Mark F. Jacobs Member Updates, Port Bureau News,

We all know the Latin phrase “carpe diem” from the Roman poet Horace’s work “Odes”, but I suspect many of us, including myself, remember the quote, “Carpe diem.  Seize the day…” from the movie “Dead Poets Society”.

Whether you remember this quote from over 2000 or 21 years ago, I challenge you to “Seize the day” in the port of Houston by joining, and most importantly engaging in, the Greater Houston Port Bureau.

Let me start by relaying to you my story of involvement. Upon my arrival in Houston six years ago, I was introduced to Captain Bill Diehl and his ever-achieving staff at the Greater Houston Port Bureau. Captain Bill instilled in me and my company a desire and need to be involved in the port. As the Houston port goes, so goes the Houston economy, the Texas economy and the United States’ economy. The port of Houston supports the creation of 1.35 million jobs in Texas and 3.2 million jobs nationwide, with economic activity of $339 billion in Texas or 20.6 percent of Texas GDP and drives a total economic impact of $802 billion across the nation. 

My business is Houston Capital Corporation and as a financial services organization being involved within the port, its economic size and enormity is key to Houston Capital’s success and ongoing business plan. I can’t think of any Houston-based local business, like ours and yours, that is  not  touched or influenced by the economic activity in the port. Whether your company is a bank, accounting firm, law firm, insurance business, university, manufacturer, distributor, transportation company, petrochemical company, oil and gas company, port-based or not port-based - you and your company need to be a member and involved in the Port Bureau.

Joining the Port Bureau is a great first step to your involvement with the port of Houston. The second step is to engage. You will be immediately afforded an opportunity to make a difference, have your voice heard and to meet key players in the port of Houston. These opportunities include:

 1. Joining a committee so your voice is heard with an immediate impact;

2. Gaining quality information and access to make better decisions for your company;

3. Providing representation in port-wide advocacy and projects; and,

4. Networking with and increasing visibility in the maritime industry.

No matter the size of your organization, if you want to engage with the port of Houston and the maritime industry, this is your organization of choice. You can email Tanya Scott at the Port Bureau, ;  or Mark Jacobs, We will be glad to answer questions and complete your membership form.

Joining the Greater Houston Port Bureau has been a rewarding and outstanding experience for me and Houston Capital Corporation.

Thus, I encourage you and your company to “Seize the day!”

Mark Jacobs
Houston Capital Corporation